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    StuffIt Deluxe 2009 (MAC)
    [ ] 2009-01-15, 3:41 PM
    StuffIt Deluxe 2009


    StuffIt Deluxe 2009 (MAC)
    The ultimate in compression and archive management Compress and expand archives
    Super-strong encryption security and password protection
    Self-healing archive creation protects againt data corruption
    Send and transfer via email or FTP
    Complete data backup management
    Integrated workflow features

    StuffIt Deluxe archives, protects and secures your stuff
    better than ever before.

    Not only can you use StuffIt to open compressed files or create your
    own space- and time-saving archives, you can use StuffIt Deluxe 2009
    to manage, protect, backup and secure your data!

    Safely Store Your Files

    You may be protected from viruses and spyware but are you ready
    if your hard drive crashes? What if you lose your computer to fire,
    water damage or theft? These scenarios could happen to anyone
    and can be devasting especially since most people do not make
    regular backups of their files. StuffIt Deluxe can help by making it
    easy for you to back up your important data on CD/DVD, portable
    storage devices or FTP location.

    Enhanced Security

    Not only does StuffIt Deluxe make it easy for you to archive your files,
    it offers the added security layer of encryption. That means that you
    can back up important data on your hard drive to CD/DVD or portable
    storage device knowing that only you have access via a password of
    your choosing.

    Makes Backing Up Data Easy

    StuffIt Deluxe offers features that makes data back up easier than ever:
    Automate repetitive tasks like data storage, compression, and sending/transfer.
    Archive directly to CDs and DVDs — large files will automatically span multiple disks.
    Find what you need quickly thanks to our Spotlight and Quick Look plugins.
    Better than ever compression and expansion for data on the move.

    StuffIt can compress your files by up to 98% of their original size.
    Save hard disk space, store more on portable devices and beat email
    size limitations. Guarantee easy access for the receiver of your archives
    by creating self-extracting archives with SEA Maker. Your .sea files
    automatically open for anyone on any computer. Easy!

    Our patented, exclusive technology compresses and encrypts outgoing
    email attachments in one simple step to help you:

    Email your information and attachments faster.
    Protect sensitive data.
    Conserve disk space.
    Maximize mailbox and storage capacity.
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